We install walkways of all kinds – from bluestones, pavers, natural stone, granite, flagstones & cement.  We can install the perfect walkway on the exterior of your home based on the shape, dimensions, and materials desired.

Gorgeous Stone Steps for Your Path

Do you like natural stone steps, bluestone steps, or thermal granite steps?  How about pavers? Perhaps you’re interested in a rustic look for your backyard to match your farmhouse shabby chic interior? The possibilities for step stones and walkways are endless.

Our team will help you choose the right pathway for your home, making it one stepping stone at a time.  We will plan and build steps that will not only heighten the beauty of your outdoor area but will compliment your home, add curb appeal and improve your home’s overall value. Whether it’s flagstone walkway installation, paver walkway installation, or anything else, F. La Rocca & Sons is here for you!


Nearly limitless, Expandable Options – Serving Westchester County

Stone walkways are more than just attractive landscaping. They can be a sound investment in your future.

The enduring allure of stone is well known. Stone has been used for centuries as a construction material, and it’s never going out of style! You can do all sorts of things with them, from building walls to creating the perfect pathway through the garden. Knowing what to look for in a stone walkway will help you make the best decision for your home.

Stone can be made from many different materials – marble, slate, even clay. The durability of these stones varies widely.

For example, travertine is naturally porous but able to stand up against weather because it has a high mineral content that provides a protective coating against the elements. On the other hand, slate can be brittle and broken easily.

Although a walkway made from these materials will last longer than one made from clay or shale, you’ll still need to treat it regularly to maintain its appearance and extend its life.

Natural Stone vs. Man-made Pavers

Natural Stone

There’s nothing that looks as high-end as natural stone because the rich color and idiosyncratic textures simply cannot be imitated: Natural stone guarantees a one-of-a-kind landscaping project because no two stones are exactly alike though you can select for relative uniformity of color and texture. Natural stone can withstand snow, rain, and ice because it would be subject to these extremes under normal circumstances anyway.

Natural stone is more expensive than man-made options, due to the expense of quarrying and cutting the stone as well as the greater degree of difficulty in installing blocks with natural variations in shape and size. Some natural stone is prone to becoming quite hot in the sun, which can burn bare feet on a summer day – an important consideration for pool surrounds and families with pets or small children.

A walkway made from natural stones is less expensive than one made from pavers, but it’s also more difficult to maintain over time.

Man-made Pavers

Pavers are man-made paving stones made to imitate the look of natural stone. Because they are manufactured instead of quarried, there is greater uniformity of size, texture, and color. This makes them somewhat faster and easier to install, as contractors can get in a rhythm when working with uniform materials. Pavers also tend to be less expensive than quarried stone, though prices vary based on the style.

Amazing Benefits of Stone Walkways

  • Durability– Harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic can have minimal impacts on its strength and won’t cause deterioration. Natural stone is also slip-resistant, minimizing fall and slip risks for your loved ones.
  • Low Maintenance– Stone walkways are often the perfect solution for someone who doesn’t want to spend any time caring for their pathway.
  • Versatile– Stone walkways are also very versatile, so they can be crafted to meet any need. For example, you can have your outdoor living space paved with stone for a beautiful, comfortable handicap-accessible garden path.
  • Boosts Home Value– Stone walkways can add a natural and rustic look to your home’s architecture, improving its curb appeal. The aesthetically pleasing properties of stone walkways can also boost your home’s resale value and give you an excellent return on investment. 
  • Multifunctional– stone walkways can be used in almost any area of your landscaped backyard. You can get them installed along your flowerbed to improve visibility or create outdoor zones in different parts of your garden. Your patio can also benefit from a sandstone walkway, enhancing its accessibility and appeal.

Stone walkway cost

Stone walkways can vary in price depending on size and design. The typical cost ranges from $1 to $3 per square foot of surface area covered with stone. This means that a 100 square foot aged limestone patio would cost about $100 to $300.

Best time of year to install my new stone walkway

Stone walkways can be installed in any season. However, in some climates where air temperatures regularly dip below freezing, winter may not be the best time to install stone. For climates with cold winters, typically winter and early spring are considered to be the best times of year to install a new walkway.

Can I install my stone walkway myself?

If you wish to do the work yourself, you should first determine whether or not your soil is level enough for paving. Stone walkways can be fairly simple to install, but it’s best if they are installed by a qualified contractor.

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F. La Rocca & Sons are your experienced stone walkway contractor.

We pride ourselves as one of the best stone walkway contractors because of the amount of care and attention to detail we put into every project. We take the time to plan and prepare the location for your new walkway to ensure your total satisfaction.

With our experience and knowledge, along with your imagination, your new walkway will not only be functional but will add character and curb appeal to your home. You can choose materials in a variety of shades and colors that complement the color of your home.

Whatever product you desire, we will professionally install it with our fine mason skilled craftsmanship.

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