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Regardless of the type of home patios you have in mind, we make it happen. Whether it simply serves as a path around the side or leads from your backdoor to an expansive patio area, we will install it for you.

Want a fire pit? Maybe a custom fireplace? Whatever the idea, we can help you bring it to life…

What If You Already Know What you Want?

We understand the coming up with the design that suits your area can be a daunting task. We even have helpful tips to get started with your patios! When choosing a concrete patio contractor to build your stone patio for your home, it’s crucial that you choose one who provides top-notch work at an affordable price.

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Building Your Stone Patio Pricing/Costs

To find out about approximate cost or pricing of installing a stone patio or paver for your home, we offer free estimates.

Custom Built Patio – Examples of Our work

Make your backyard even better with F. La Rocca & Sons Patio Contractors

Adding a patio to your house can have a big impact on family fun as well as on home value. Like a deck, a patio effectively extends your home’s living space, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors easily and conveniently. It also adds an area that you can use in the warmer months or enjoy year-round with the addition of an awning. It is safe for grilling, patio furniture, and even a fire pit.

We can install various fields patio work, including, but not limited to: paver and brick patios, concrete patios, and natural stone patios for your residential or commercial property as well as retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, and walkways designs that will be the envy of your neighbors and keep your property visually appealing for many years to come. With a large assortment of colors and paver styles to choose from, our designers will assist you in selecting a designs to fit your style and budget. Our team has countless years of experience in this field and can construct an unlimited array of unique patios suited to your needs and desires. We can turn your outdoor vision into the perfect lounge area for you and your family to enjoy.

Installation Services

With the help of our team of contractors, you can make informed decisions about your stone patio construction and materials in your home. From the design to the planning, we make sure that you are involved with the home patio installation project.


Concrete Walkways

Exposed aggregate concrete, which looks like stone but is actually man-made and can be poured into place, would improve the aesthetic of your space. We don’t just focus on design but functionality and usability as well. Flanking it with pavers creates a finished look for you to love. If you are no longer into brick or stone walkways, we have better options for you.


A stone or concrete patio, outdoor dining area, porch or garden walkway of your home can be made with concrete or stone pavers and patios. If you want to replace an old brick material with modern concrete and stone, we can do that for you. These are durable and long-lasting while also being flexible, affordable and beautiful to look at. The design of your patio paver of your home will be solely based on your preference. While we may have design suggestions for your patios, we make prioritize your request. They come in a wide variety of shapes/textures/colors you might want for your home or business!

Removal Services

When you remodel your home or building to have a patio or paver installed, three things can be done by one company. First is demolition and removal of old concrete, stone and brick. Apart from the design, we also make sure that your place is presentable before we commence with the installation process. Second is hauling away the debris to a landfill site safely without hurting anyone with it’s sharp edges like broken glass bottles, tree branches, brick etc.. Third step involves cleaning up whatever remains on that location smoothly leaving no trace behind after restoration work has been completed perfectly!

How Long Does The Installation Take?

A stylish new space can be created by installing stone patio pavers for your home. When you hire professional installers, they will save your time and effort. Now is the time to enhance, repair and design your yard by fitting stone pavers. Our company specializes in installing these surfaces and has been doing so for years. We have valuable information that you should know about, including tips on installation of patio paving slabs and landscaping!

We have the best equipment and tools to construct beautiful stone walkways, patio, paver, courtyards or even parking spaces. If you want a better landscape for your home we can deliver! We rely on modern technology to bring about desired results so hire a contractor today. Fill out the online form for free estimate of the average costs of our patio installation and landscaping services for your home or business.

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